Ramleh, one of 13 depopulated towns. Together with its twin, Lydda, their inhabitants, numbering 60,000, have been expelled by the direct orders of Rabin. They were forced to march in July heat, children and old men falling by the wayside. Under heavy Jewish mortar bombardment, Haifa and Jaffa inhabitants left in overloaded small boats, amid screams and searches for lost family members. Many of the boats sunk.
Al Ma'in, one of 99 tribal lands. Although in the Negev, it was fully cultivated, as can be seen. Total cultivated land in Beer Sheba was greater than it is today. Negev is underpopulated today.
Dayr Yassin, one of 419 fully depopulated villages, in addition to 662 secondary localities. Dayr Yassin was the site of the infamous massacre on 9 April 1948. Thirty-four major massacres were committed during the expulsion of the Palestinians in 1948.
This diagram shows the rise of the exodus with the incidence of Israeli military operations. Note the complete correlation between the depopulation date of the villages and the Israeli assault operations. With the cessation of the military attacks, even for a brief period, the exodus ceased almost at once.