Area (geographical location) of the depopulated locality according to Morris.


The District (more correctly: Sub-District, qada) according to the administrative boundaries of Mandate Palestine (latest 1944).


The date of depopulation of the locality. The date may coincide with the date of the Israeli onslaught on the village or follows that date by 1 to 2 days when the Israeli troops completed the occupation of the village and started expelling the population. If the village is depopulated more than once, such as in cases where the villagers were expelled then returned after a lull in the fighting, but were expelled or left again, the first date of depopulation is entered. Few dates are not precise; they are entered as ‘early November’, say. There are listed dates on which the bulk of population, especially women, children and old men have left, while a dozen young men remained fighting or protecting their property until they were expelled, captured or killed as “infiltrators”. By the end of the British Mandate on 15 May 1948, more than half the refugees, 414,000 from 213 villages became homeless. Except in Jaffa briefly, the British have not protected the population from Jewish attacks, even when appeals for help were made, as in Dayr Yassin.

After 15 May 1948, regular Arab forces entered Palestine to restore and rescue what is left. In the following 16 days, 86,700 refugees were expelled, making a total of 500,000 refugees from 291 localities before the Arab ‘defenders’ could have any impact. Unprepared and disorganized, the Arab forces failed to rescue the remaining 300,000 refugees in 239 localities.Since most of the refugees were expelled before the Arab forces entered Palestine, the story of Israel’s “self-defence” against seven Arab armies is a myth.


Notes: Indicate other dates of depopulation, uncertain dates or location, or if population or village land is included in another locality; also indicate when the terrorist gangs: Irgun (IZL), Stern (LEHI) are reported to take an active part in the attack; also indicate the number of population remaining in the cities if known. These small numbers remaining in cities are not subtracted from Col. 14, due to uncertainty and underestimation of other figures. For Beer Sheba, the circumstances of the expulsion are noted. DMZ = village in a Demilitarized Zone in 1949.