Destruction of villages after occupation and depopulation to prevent return of the refugees. As per the field research of 418 villages conducted in 1987-1990 and reported by Ghazi Falah, the level of destruction is shown in Col. 19 and summarized in Table-6.

Table-6: Level of Destruction of Villages

Destruction Reference Description Number of Villages Percentage(%)
1 Complete obliteration 81 19.4
2 Destruction, rubble identified 140 33.5
3 Demolition, standing walls 60 14.3
4 Most, not all, houses demolished one house standing 74 17.7
5 Most demolished, up to 2 Jewish families live there 17 4.1
6 More than 2 Jewish families occupy Houses 35 8.4
7 Inaccessible 11 2.6

Cactus fences are still visible today in most village sites. Palestinian towns were not destroyed; instead, they were occupied by Jewish immigrants. Remaining Palestinians were not allowed to repair or improve their property.