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From Refugees To Citizens At Home

From Refugees To Citizens At Home

Salman Abu Sitta, 2001

The book shows the feasability of the return of the refugees to their homes in acco...

Mapping My Return

Mapping My Return

The American University of Cairo Press, Salman Abu Sitta, May, 2016

The only memoir in English by a Palestinian Arab who grew up in the Beersheba distr...

The Palestinian Nakba 1948

The Palestinian Nakba 1948

Salman Abu Sitta, September, 2000

The Register of Depopulated Localities in Palestine. A comprehensive Register of de...

Palestinian Right of Return : Sacred, Legal, and Possible

Palestinian Right of Return: Sacred, Legal, and Possible

Salman Abu Sitta, May, 1999

Right of return is Sacred to all Palestinians, Legal in all components of internati...


Dividing War Spoils

Israel's Seizure, Confiscation & Sale of Palestinian Property

Financing Racism and Apartheid

JNF’s Violation of International and Domestic Law

Transactions of the Jewish National Fund volume 3 autumn 2022

This paper demonstrates the treachery of the Jewish National Fund, in particula...

Tell el Qadi (Dan)

Israel’s Failure to Erase Palestinian History

The Denied Inheritance

Palestine Land Ownership in Beer Sheba

Bayt Jibrin Caves

Israel’s consistent efforts to transplant Jewish Europeans history into Pales...

Geographic & Demographic Imperatives

Geographic & Demographic Imperatives of the Palestinian Refugees' Return

The ICRC and the Detention of Palestinian Civilians

The ICRC and the Detention of Palestinian Civilians in Israel's 1948 POW/Labor ...

Traces of Poison

Traces of Poison–Israel's Dark History Revealed