• The Myths:
    "Palestine is a land without people"
    "There is no such thing as Palestinians"
    "The young will forget... "
  • The Facts:

    For the first time since 1948 the children and grandchildren of the refugees can see their homeland from which their fathers were expelled. When they tried to return in 1948, they were shot dead as 'infiltrators'.

    Now the fathers, mothers and their children can see Palestine as it was in 1948. They can fly over it, but only in preparation for the day when they will actually walk over its soil and recover their patrimony.

    See below the lands where the refugees were deprived from returning to or seeing.

Fly Over Palestine (1945)

Tour 1: From Dimra to Al Jura Tour 2: From Al Jura to Iraq al Manshiyya
Tour 3: From Belt Affa to Burier Tour 4: From Yibna to Lidda
Tour 5: From Jimzu to Jerusalem Tour 6: From Haifa to Hittin
Tour 7: From Wadi el Bira to Tiberias Tour 8: From Bani Suheila to Qdeirat
Tour 9: From Rafah to Beer Sheba Tour 10: From Al Faluja to Bethlehem
Tour 11: From Iraq Suwaydan to El Khadr Tour 12: From Acre to Al Mettula
Tour 13: From Jaffa to Haifa Tour 14: From Haifa to Shawka at Tahta
Tour12 Tour 14 Tour 7 Tour 6 Tour 13 Tour 5 Tour 4 Tour 10 Tour 11 Tour 2 Tour 3 Tour 1 Tour 8 Tour 9