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Year 4 Competition: The winners meet the people of the village

26 October, 2020

The reconstruction of Suhmata Village - Acre: 

The 1st Prize winners of the 4th Year of the Competition for the Reconstruction of the Destroyed Palestinian villages, meet with the people of Suhmata village and show them in details how it could be reconstructed. The students from the Islamic University of Gaza, tried to keep the original aspects of Suhmata village and start their design around what is already exist in the village location taking into consideration the preservation of the village remains and the implementation of all the necessary elements to make of the village a place in which original people can go back to and have a decent peaceful life.

Watch the full Webinar here:


The reconstruction of Ma'lul Village - Nazareth: 

As every year, Bizeit University participates in the Competition for the Reconstruction of the Destroyed Palestinian villages and grab a place on the podium. This year, the architectural students from Birzeit University won the 2nd Prize with their project named " Reviving the destructed village of Maaloul ". The project was explained in detail by the students during a webinar organized to host the original people of Ma'lul village and to let them see how possible and feasible the reconstruction of their village really is. 

Watch the full Webinar here: