Introducing the Atlas of Palestine: Land Theft by the Jewish National Fund

By: Salman Abu Sitta

Welcome to the online presentation of the Atlas of Palestine: Land Theft by the Jewish National Fund. This comprehensive Atlas spans 450 pages and provides a meticulous examination of the land appropriations and transformations undertaken by the Jewish National Fund (JNF) in the aftermath of the 1948 Arab-Israeli War.

Key Features of the Atlas:

  • Detailed Maps of 84 Parks and Forests: The Atlas meticulously documents 84 parks and forests established on land seized from Palestinian villages by the JNF between 1949 and 1950. These parks are mapped with great detail, each depicted through six different maps and tables.

  • In-depth Land Analysis: Each park is illustrated with:

    • The official map of the park.
    • Superimposed areas of every Palestinian village land seized by the JNF.
    • Satellite images of the park.
    • Tables listing the land seized from each village.
    • Names of original landowners and current refugee camp locations.
    • Details of the Israeli military operations that led to their expulsion, including incidents of massacres.
  • Comprehensive Area Control: The Atlas reveals that the JNF controls approximately 20% of Israel’s territory, challenging the commonly reported figure of 13%. It highlights that Israel's declared area on 14 May 1948 was about 20,500 km² (78% of historic Palestine), and Jewish-controlled land at the end of the British Mandate was only about 1,500 km² (6% of Palestine). Post-1948, Israel seized 72% of Palestine through military force.

  • General Guide: A general map of numbered parks serves as a navigational guide.

  • Field Surveys: Detailed surveys of the parks show the extent of encroachment on Palestinian village lands and the subsequent construction of parks and Jewish settlements.

  • Water Resource Maps: Maps detailing the National Water Carrier illustrate how water is diverted from the West Bank, Upper Jordan, and Golan Heights to feed these parks.

  • Legal Reviews: The Atlas includes a thorough review of JNF’s violations of domestic and international laws, participation in ethnic cleansing, and population transfer activities in 1948. It also covers the fictitious sales through which the JNF seized over 2 million dunams of refugee land to obstruct their return.

  • Legal Tool: The detailed data in this Atlas serves as a crucial legal resource for pursuing court cases under domestic and international laws, aiming for the recovery of seized land and compensation for Palestinian refugees. It underscores the need for legal action to challenge and nullify JNF's tax-exempt status as a charity.

Enhanced Presentation:

  • Clarity and Detail: This edition of the Atlas is designed in a portrait format for enhanced clarity. Larger park maps are presented across two adjacent pages, with spaced pages for better readability.

We invite you to explore this comprehensive documentation, which is an invaluable resource for understanding the extent of land appropriation and its impact on Palestinian communities.

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Stay informed and join us in the pursuit of justice and historical accuracy.

The Atlas is available digital copy (PDF).
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