Competition for The Reconstruction of the Destroyed Palestinian Villages

BRIEF to University Coordinator

  1. The invited university shall at its earliest opportunity select  a max of  four students or more students organized in four teams who will enter this Competition and who, should he/she wins top prize, will represent the university internationally.
  2. The invited university shall appoint its representative/coordinator for this competition to liaise between the university body and its selected entrants on the one hand, and the Competition Organising Committee on the other.
  3. The university shall give the Coordinator’s name, contact details (tel and email) and credentials.
  4. The Coordinator’s duties will include providing the names and emails of participating students, receiving and using the important user and password details for the selected village data on the Competition website. The coordinator will receive a user and pass word to access the data base and shall guide the students how to access the selected village.
  5. This Coordinator will facilitate the flow of information between the Competition Organising Committee and the university, and subsequently filter this information down to the selected students.
  6. The Coordinator will assist the students in creating URN, for updating of information, notices, and for keeping a strict control on the Timeline for this Competition.
  7. The Coordinator shall explain to the students the necessary procedures governing this Competition including the supervision and delivery of the submission documentation as set in the Competition Technical Requirements.
  8. The university shall pay a non-refundable Competition Entry Fee of £20 (Twenty Sterling Pounds for each student entry. This fee will secure and guarantee the university registration and participation in this important Competition.
  9. The Awards shall be as follows:

    First prize:

    £1000 (one thousand Sterling Pounds) and travelling fellowship in Europe for one week (depending on visa arrangement by his/her university) to provide the student with a practical experience to learn first hand about similar projects which have been successfully executed. In addition, the student will meet and exchange views with the architects/administrators of such projects.

    At the end of these travels, the student will be required to submit a report to the Competition Organising Committee no later than 30 days after his return.

    Second prize:

    £750. (seven hundred fifty Sterling Pounds)

    Third prize:

    £500. (five hundred Sterling Pounds)

    Note: The Venue for the presentation of awards ceremony (via a video link with the 3 students) will be the P21 Gallery in London. A public announcement  (with press and TV present) will be made and a 2-day exhibit of the 3 winning entries will be held at the P21 Gallery.

    The three winners will receive Recognition Certificates. Their winning entries will form the core of a travelling exhibition within Palestine and internationally. It is hoped that this Competition will raise the profile of the universities and its students internationally thus secure employment and academic opportunities for further grants from international bodies.
The Competition Organising Committee
London,  Sept 2021