While in Kyoto and Osaka the audience was mainly activists, in Tokyo University the participants were university professors, students and diplomats. Oslo hoax was exposed and the original conflict: the uprooting of a people from their homeland, was brought to its central place.

A three day conference on Oslo was held in the University of Tokyo to examine the fate of Oslo Accord on its 20th anniversary. A speaker in its defense was Ron Pundik, an Israeli immigrant from Denmark, one of the main operators of this fiasco with Abu Alaa and his fellows. His point was that Palestine was the home of “the Jewish Nation” and this is realized by two state solution where 12 million Palestinians can live in 8% of Palestine and 5.5 million Jewish immigrants in 92% of Palestine. I spoke exposing the Oslo hoax showing it was an instrument to entrench the occupation, not to remove it, and that the main conflict, the uprooting of Palestinians from their homes, was deliberately blacked out. Every one of his points was reduced to shreds by arguments, maps and facts. The Zionist propaganda had a black day as the Japanese attendants indicated. They were PhD students, professors, activists and some officials. They saw the fallacy of the Israeli argument and that Israel was none other than a belated racist colonial project which has no future.

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