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Webinar| Britain & Palestine: Balfour to Boris

Nov 2, 2020

Webinar| Britain & Palestine: Balfour to Boris A debate between: Dr Maria Holt, Dr Salman Abu Sitta and Ms Malia Bouattia. Discussing the Balfour...

An Exchange between a Terrorist and a claimant for the Right of Return

Salman Abu Sitta and Uri Avnery, Mondoweiss, April 2017

Uri Avnery is a co-founder of the Israeli “peace bloc” Gush Shalom, a former Knesset member and a journalist. In his youth, he was a member of the...

Debate between Salman Abu Sitta and Rabbi Lehrner/ Tikkun on The Palestinian Right to Return

Feb 1, 2001

1. Michael Lerner wrote: Would you be interested in participating in a roundtable discussion on the telephone or writing a piece for us on "the right...